Setting Off on “YOUR” Big New Adventure

This is the area where people share their personal adventures – whether it’s taking ballet lessons at age 40 or deciding to sail to Bora Bora,  We all have our bucket lists and the adventures – big and small- that are only ours to achieve .  They are all important because it’s part of your life.  The life you want to lead and the adventures and experiences that you want to even share with someone – even strangers.

I remember seeing a profile of one of the celebrities who endorsed the Belstaff clothing company.  The adventurer Alastair Humphreys, who is a motivational speaker, tell people “some of the most extraordinary journeys were undertaken by ordinary people”.  He encourages people to simply follow their dreams , no matter how seemingly small.  They are your dreams and maybe only significant to you.

This might take the form of deciding to go take part in a 5km. run for the first time or try out for the Boston Marathon.  It is “all about you” sometimes.

Ironically, this allows you to be a better and more effective person to those around you. 



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