Help and Information

This is a listing of helpful and interesting resources that you can access and explore on the web or purchase in the form of a book etc.  Or It’s something that has been shown to be effective by others in feeling well and dealing with Stress, Anxiety or other problems.  The list as well as the reviews and discussion will be changing as time goes on.

The “live-Stress Relaxation and Anxiety reduction program can be order on this site.  Just go to the menu and and follow the heading for ordering

Web Sites

The Mayo Clinic      The Mayo Clinic site is a “gold Standard” in current information and treatment of physical and mental health problems.  If you follow the menu under “Patient Care and Information” there is a wealth of information that is research and professionally based.

The American Psychological Association  The APA provides a whole public education section on current issues and information on mental health.

The American Psychiatric Association  The “other” APA is the APA’s site that again provides a wealth of info and resources for anyone looking for research based and current mental health information.

Center for Positive Psychology  Martin Seligman (ironically the researcher who came up with the term “learned helplessness”) founded this hugely successful and VERY interesting centre at the UPenn.  The idea of Positive Psychology is a relatively new field o which therapeutic techniques and approaches are now based.  Worth a Visit.


The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook   J. Bourne, Harbinger Press  This book is a really useful one for anyone experiencing anxiety disorder or who wants to look at the basic concepts of stress and anxiety.  It could actually serve as a text boob for training Cognitive Behavioural Therapists in my opinion.  If you lookout it up on Amazon, you can use the “look inside” feature to see the Table of Contents.  The information is practical and it also reviews things such as the role of medication, nutrition and spirituality in dealing with Anxiety and related issues.


MINIMALISM: A Documentary About the Important Things  (2016) Netflix  As my blog post suggests, this is a very interesting look at happiness and peace through simplification of our lives and releasing ourselves from some of the constraints and pressures of the traditional “rat race”.  This is a useful and entertaining documentary.