Honestly Living- The Best Way to Go

I attended a talk recently at the University in my town in which the speaker discussed the culture of truth in a time of “Fake News”, politicians claiming “Fake News” and College admission scandals. The list goes on. In his book, “The 4 Agreements”, Don Miguil Ruiz suggests that we be impeccable with our word.  I believe he means to be honest.  This includes an honesty and truth that begins with each of us, I suppose in everything we do.  It requires an assessment of our personal intentions and how we treat and view others. Ultimately, it about how each of us feel about ourselves in the world around us.  There are so many opportunities to seek out honest.  We have to even examine the newsa we read, the products we buy and the people we interact with.  It begins with us and hopefully it’s something that can influence others.  I think so.pexels-photo-754022