Men in Yoga Tights – 5 Things to Know

I generally wear running tights to yoga class. There are some wide ranging opinions on men and women parts about men and yoga apparel. Here are some points to ponder about men and tights.

  1. Mens tights are certainly not an “unmanly” or nonmasculine piece of apparel.  The standard in many sports, either under shorts or stand alone has become some form of compression wear.

  2. Athletic tights are a healthy and practical garment in a yoga studio.  Compression on muscles (as well as warmth) allows for easier movement and flexibility.  Some would suggest that they also reduce injury risk.  Similar to why NBA players wear tights under their shorts.

  3. The right yoga pant or tight is stylish and attractive.  Why not look the best you can be and feel good about it.

  4. Worn with the proper under support and appropriate size, most men and women are not “grossed out” by a male with tights.  Think ballet, or those NBA players again.  They look fine and are able to perform in an optimal manner.

  5. Yoga apparel for men, loose or tight, is generally designed to allow for flexibility and function.  Basically the pant has to allow you to carry out a pose in a comfortable and safe way.

    There is a good variety of mens yoga apparel on the market.  Manduka for one has a nice selection of good quality clothes.  The athletic companies like Under Armour and Nike also produce yoga worthy apparel.  Check it out and leave a comment.


The Best Yoga Mat Review – Manduka Mat Review

I’ve recently become an affiliate of  MANDUKA products mainly because of the company’s great overall philosophy but also the products they sell.  Their mats are exceptionally great and Manduka has a fairly wide range to suit any Yogi’s needs.  The mats come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.  They have a travel “eKO lite” mats that folds instead of the traditional rolling as well as mats that are more suitable for environments like a hot yoga class.

I have a Black Pro mat that is the extra long length, 85 inches x 26 inches, to accommodate my height.  It’s certainly not “lite” and weighs in at 9.5 lbs.  The standard version of this mat is the same width but 71 inches long (7.5 lbs.).  Once set up, this mat offers a space that has great foot grip, even in hot yoga.  I’ve even used it as a make shift mattress on an unexpected night of sleep in the back of my SUV.  I have a nice Manduka can to carry it in and I might consider getting one of the lighter mats when I’m travelling or wanting a lighter load.

One advantage of this mat is the thickness.  At 5mm, it is easy on the knees.  I seem to want to step off the mat when in a balancing pose.  The floor seems to give a little more stability than standing on a thicker mat – at least for me.  The verdict on this Manduka Pro is definitely a thumbs up.