4 Ways to Leave a Yoga Class

working-cobra-yoga-pose-cute-hispanic-women-practicing-their-class-gym-35911698I wrote about the preparation for your Yoga Class last post.  It’s one of those things where there’s truly a “before, during and after”.  The “after” of a Yoga practice is important.  You’ve recovered from lying on the floor in savasana and here you go back out into the world. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you do this.

1. Be happy and thankful to yourself for making the effort to be there and challenge yourself.  This extends to everyone around you.  It’s always nice to bid others good bye or even a nod of acknowledgement since they were part of the experience.  I remember being taken completely by surprise after a class when young female friend of my gave me a huge embrace after the class.  She wanted to just share the moment.  Sure – not everyone wants a hug – especially strangers – but a little kind acknowledgement goes a long way.

2.  If you made an intent or goal at the beginning of the class, give some consideration to how you might take it away and continue to use or consider it.  If the goal is living your intentions and growing, well why not take it with you.  There is a philosophy about “leaving your yoga practice on your mat” but I think that the strength and insight that we sometimes achieve are worth taking with us.

3. Thank the teacher and be sure to let him or her know how much you appreciated and particular parts of the class.  It’s always a good opportunity to ask a question.

4. Nurture your body with water.  Many classes are dehydrating if you worked hard and sweated.

These are some of my suggestions and I’d be open to your comments.




5 Essentials to Get Ready for Your Yoga Practice

pexels-photo-374694If you’re like me, getting to your yoga practice is often a rushed affair that ends in finding a place in the studio and landing on the mat just in time for the instructor to begin.  But if possible, there are some essential things that should be considered before one depends to the mat to begin the practice.

  1. Be mentally ready to begin approximately an hour of letting go of your daily demands and focusing on yourself through your yoga.  This is a time for you and it’s important to allow this space to be as much as it can be, especially if you are putting the effort into doing it.
  2. Make sure you have all of the equipment needed – primarily your mat and water.  Most studios have block and straps as well as other props.  It’s like having your gym stuff in your bag ready to go.
  3. Try to avoid heavy meals or simply eating close to practice time.  Most yoga experts recommend an “empty” stomach.  Hydration before during and after is always recommended.  So bringing water is good.
  4. Wear your best and most comfortable yoga apparel that will bring out the best in you.  Try to keep them ready and fresh.  Having the appropriate yoga apparel that is fresh and comfortable works for you, your fellow yogis and teachers who get close-up doing adjustments.
  5. Be on time and ready to go.  Adjusting your schedule so that you can be a few minutes before class time allows everyone to grab a spot in the studio that is best suited to them.  Teachers appreciate this too!

Feel free to add to this list with your own experience.


YOGA as part of LIFE


Yoga has become an integral part of my life.  It is a practice that is a lifestyle for many, at the most, and a means of exercise and stress management, at the least, for some.  Regardless of how much or little that the practice of yoga occupies one’s life – it’ all good.  Yoga is about balance.  Yoga is about strength and calmness.  It’s about developing and nurturing yourself.  While you are on your mat, you focus on all of these aspects and for once it’s ok for it to be “all about me”.

If you are new to yoga, it would be great if you tried any intro or beginner class.  You will find – I can guarantee- an atmosphere of  TOTAL acceptance of simply who you are and where you are at.  This is what is to be asked of you.

If Yoga is an established part of your life than lucky and wise you.  I hope you find some of my future posts to be interesting.  Feel free to add any comments or suggestions.   Namaste