Breaking News -The #CNN Effect “Too much of the news?”

With our current world situations being accessible through or phone, laptop, desktop, tablet and television, we are surrounded by news and information 24/7 …. if we choose.  There is certainly a need for most of us to be informed on events – especially those that have a direct impact on our lives.  However, there is a risk of over exposure to a media that has always a way of making us feel that there is “breaking news” that we simply cannot miss.  Sure, there is such great value in journalists who make it their job to have information that is timely and accurate – that what stations like CNN or FOX do best and they do it very well.  However, sometimes it can be a daunting overflow of information that can lead to some anxiety and stress – especially to those who are prone to worrying about world events.  It might be useful to simply turn the news feed “off” sometimes.  It’s also nice to see some of these aforementioned channels offering travel, lifestyle and health shows – maybe they are truly trying to be responsible with their media.

What do you think?DSCN0067


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