live-Stress : Manage Stress and Anxiety

The live-Stress program is a program and approach to the management of Stress and Anxiety for better mental health.  This site is administered by D.Perry who is the author of the live-Stress Relaxation CD.  The program will be available on this site.  Also Dean Perry is available on Amazon and iTunes if you search for his relaxation and Positive Memory Building Exercise.

The live-Stress program is mainly a progressive muscle relaxation program that is guided by the author with a relaxing and positive cues and background music.  There is a track on the CD that is called a “positive memory building exercise”.  The exercise is a type of mindfulness session that asks you to recall some positive, stress free and maybe relaxing events or scenes in your life in order to build your own coping and body/mind calming event that you can draw on at any time.  People have found the cd and overall approach to be helpful and effective.

A link to buy the CD is also going to be posted here.  In the meantime you can ask to purchase the CD for $20 US (shipping included) by cantacting




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