Order the Live-Stress Program

The Live-Stress CD can be ordered through this site.  It is essentially a stress and anxiety reduction guide that has proven very effective for many who want to reduce symptoms and general stress as well as anxiety.  The CD has three tracks.  The first is an introduction by D. Perry who provides an outline of the approach and the importance of your own personal approach to anxiety and stress management.  There is also some background information on these topics.  Track 2 is a guided progressive muscular relaxation exercise that allows the listener to relax and calm the body and mind.  It is set to neutral but calming and soothing music.

Track 3 is a positive memory building exercise that is very similar to the mindfulness technique but emphasizes the benefit of developing a very personal approach to this memory building and calming technique.

The CD can be ordered for $20 US ($5US shipping) in Canada and the United States.  Other arrangements can be made for other parts of the world and could involve a higher shipping cost if necessary.

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